Jeff is all about romance in this SNEAK PEEK from tonight’s season finale. Share this with the one(s) you love.


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Iran is a force to be reckoned with- they’re sending monkeys into space. Next up: color television.

What’s for lunch?

What’s your plan for the big game? Pulling for the Niners? Pulling it to Beyoncé? Here’s what’s going down at Jeff’s house.

As Adam Carolla, Michael Ian Black, and Sherrod Small rest up for a big night of Burning, we remember a simpler time. Let’s travel alllllll the way back to three days ago when Aisha Tyler, T.J. Miller, and Gilbert Gottfired burned the ever loving sh*t out of each other. Enjoy.

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"Red Vag of Courage." "Apocalypse I’m Not Ready Yet." "All Quiet On The Western C*nt." Time to play along. Join Gilbert Gottfried, Aisha Tyler, T.J. Miller and Jeff in trying to figure out what kind of war movies are gonna come out now that women can fight on the front lines. Go.

Last night’s episode of The Burn only gave you a taste of how hilarious Speed Roasting can be. Here’s an UNCENSORED exclusive clip of the gang burning the audience.

Man, this is RUTHLESS. The gloves are off as Jeff, Margaret Cho, and James Adomian burn the one and only Brian Posehn. Check out this clip from last night’s episode of The Burn.

Check out this EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of Jeff Ross, Margaret Cho, Brian Posehn, and James Adomian Speed Roasting our studio audience. No one is safe. Come see for yourself and CLICK HERE to attend a taping. You never know what’s gonna happen.

Deadspin busted the lid off the Manti Te’o story, and in this SNEAK PEEK of tonight’s show, Jeff busts into it some more. Share this with all the imaginary people in your life.